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2003-2004 height of the century belonged to Arsenal when unbeaten reign since 2005, began to break down, gunmen last trophy entries so far. First Captain Patrick Vieira to turn out, with the value of 20 million euros to join the Italian Juventus. Vieira left Henry took over as captain, but the 2007 with 24 million euros worth of switched to Barcelona. Henry left the Brazil quarter Silva law became the first captain of the team. However, Wenger for Silva has over 30 years, refused to sign him for two years. Small law becomes the shooter new captain. A year later the Spaniards left, Van Persie on armband. In addition to Henry's departure, freeing more important players is where arsenal seven years ' tragedy. Vieira zhihou, Ashley Cole, and Sol Campbell and Pires in 2006 dropped from the, former of defected, on gunmen of rearguard is heavy combat, discount lebron 10 low which of desolate, more orders fans sentimental; next year, and Henry together left of also has Ljungberg; 2008, is Lionel Gelber thanks to · Silva, and Hleb, and Flamini and Lyman, 2009 is Kolo Toure and Adebayor, 2011 is double nuclear and left Hou two gate Clichy and Eboue. In addition, Flamini, Hleb, Reyes, who's name shouldn't be forgotten. In addition to local sponsors, and internationally renowned sports brands are still active. Adidas sponsored football team, Chinese men and women volleyball teams for men and women in China, the Chinese Taekwondo team for men and women, the Chinese kd 5 elite cheap fencing team, men and women, the Chinese boxing team (including men 's, women's and youth teams), the Chinese Judo team 13 teams for men and women. China's national basketball team, weight-lifting, wrestling, track and field, tennis, archery and beach volleyball teams and 7 China Corps, wearing a Nike-sponsored sports play in the match.
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