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According to COFCO and the official website shows that on April 13, the State General Administration of sport to provide meat food home in good health issued the first batch of orders amounted to more than 4 million Yuan, including pork, chicken, beef and other products. On April 25, State Sport General Administration of Qinhuangdao supplementary second base emergency orders, including pork, chicken, beef and other products, for a total of more than 300,000 yuan. On May 29, the State General Administration of Sport Training Council reiterates its urgent additional orders, for a total of kobe 8 cheap more than 1.3 million Yuan. Public Relations Department of the COFCO group, told the China economic weekly, the group responsible for the timing of orders under the State General Administration of sport, quantitative issues, Chinese sports delegation is bringing food to London, what is unknown. Under the United Kingdom customs regulations, fresh meat cannot be entering the country. At the London Olympics, Chinese athletes in competitions, sponsors "gold medal". "Anta" few sponsors the competition, such as an opportunity to "show up" more sponsors on camera, but no less competitive intensity. Four annual summer games has turned into a growing battle for business. On and off the Court, athletes, and every inch of space is mining to the Max by savvy sponsors. Big Olympic gold medal team, of course, is in the eyes of businessmen "Gold Partner". Gold Medal on the distribution of men and women, China presents the phenomenon of yin and Yang. In the 200 gold medals in, male athletes receive only 80 bucks, almost only female athlete of the two-thirds, which has heightened since the start of the London Olympics, male athletes won 16 gold medals, the women athletes got $ 20, this ratio even lower than the 08 Olympics. Team lebron 10 for sale Gold: Gold biggest difference may reflect the collective collaboration, cooperation in Chinese team won 37 needs to play team won 9 gold medals does not require collective debut cooperation projects gold medals. Against item: players require a direct physical confrontation, using his body, attacking the body, reflects the strength and physical skill project.
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