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Contest prize costume "champion Dragon costume" is sponsored by ANTA. In addition, Anta also provided the Chinese delegation all but the official ceremonial gown and race suit apparel, including short sport coat, sport t-shirt, sweatpants, sneakers, etc. Former Chinese Olympic Committee partners in the company are doing their part for the national gymnastics, shooting, diving, table tennis and badminton 5 Olympic team uniform--provided "the red scale" series. Limit, the prevalent in the sports concept. In short is the players ' values close to a tipping point. Prior to this, many experts on sport and physical education, mathematics, physics, Physiology, hundred-metre threshold has the limit of his own kd 5 for sale observations, but because constantly modified by athletes to create results time and time again. 10 second, seconds, 9.9 seconds and then to 9.29 seconds, some people even think that 2156 man can run to 8 seconds. Mankind has not yet reached the sports physical limits, records will continue to be refreshed, one thing is for certain; the pace of human progress not stagnation, less likely to reverse, which is to be sure. Perhaps because of that constantly create and break that really drive people to challenge human limits maximum movement and life, because it is endless. Sport, after all, is in a race against youth, age, and the fate of retired Olympic champion will have to face sooner or later, but retired no doubt became their second choice. 196 131 former Olympic champions of yesteryear. Investigations revealed that the choice of China's Olympic champion retired focuses are the following major categories: career, coaching, emigrate, business, performing arts. Olympic champion retired on the way up is that most of these choices. 131 former Olympic champion, had 58 former officeholders, per cent of the total number of ex-44.3%. And this trend is increasing. 10% waiting for distribution. To embark on your career survey of 58 former Olympic champion and kd 6 cheap division level, one level, Bureau-level officials to the main hall; 3 Vice Secretaries, 7 Secretaries; 30 Deputy Secretaries; 4 Section officer; 8-level officials. In addition, two retired Olympic champion to the rank of Colonel, as well as one international Olympic Committee member.
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